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Copy kvm virtual machine and XML

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Nano settings

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Welcome to you to my website. Here you will find some of the things about me as well as some of the things that interest me.

Currently, this site is in its infancy, so you might find some things missing here and there. Occasionaly, you will find 'lorem ipsum' text. Please don't panic !!. They will be replaced eventually with more (or less) meaningful content.  If you found any irregularities, you can drop me a line at my email address.

Recent Articles

TypoLink in flexform for TYPO3

How to add TypoLink in flexform



            Link to Page or a File or a Content-Element




        <label>Link to Page or a File or a Content-Element</label>


Source: https://gist.github.com/alrnz/b650b389ccc757eb08a907f64cba19b1