Earthquake Notifier

Get earthquake information straight to your mobile phone


The project is developed to fetch earthquake data from USGS's Earthquake Hazards Program.

There are many earthquakes happening around the world. Some are insignificant but others are hazardous. This project aims to fetch those data which have magnitude of more than 4.5 periodically and send a small message through XMPP protocol regarding the earthquake. The accuracy of the information purely depends on the data USGS provides.

The project is written in Java Language with smack library and other dependencies. It is released under GPL.

How to run

  • Clone the repository: git clone
  • Open the repository in eclipse.
  • Look at the configuration class Change the strings to your configuration.
  • Run the project from Eclipse.
  • You can export project as runnable jar. Add crontab entry to run every 5 or 10 minutes.

For more information, look at the following page: